Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Harris Firm is built upon a family of attorneys committed to standing up for the working man and woman in a system stacked against him or her. We believe that you deserve a firm that keeps you fully informed of all details in your case, interpreting difficult letters and information you receive and keeping you aware of developments in your case.

We have several lawyers who focus primarily on workers’ compensation, and their hard work and experience directly benefits you, the client. The attorneys are joined by an outstanding staff or paralegals and legal professionals who work together as a team to ensure that your case is given full coverage.

We provide each client a free initial consultation. Call today at 513-924-4135 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

If you are facing an injury or disability caused by your employment, you are probably aware of the difficulties presented by workers’ compensation. The system can be extremely frustrating and leads injured workers to think about questions that they just don’t know how to answer.

Why aren’t I getting paid? Why is my employer fighting this? Why is this decision being made by a doctor who has never seen me before?

Why isn’t the system fair?

When the questions overwhelm you, and you need someone to trust, turn to the lawyers of The Harris Firm. For years, our firm has been fighting for the working man and woman, providing answers and getting results.

We provide free initial consultations. To schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with our attorneys, please call us today at 513-924-4135.

Cincinnati, Ohio, Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

We are committed to individually reviewing your claim and answering all of the questions and concerns that have you confused. Many people face a denied claim simply because they did not know what documentation to provide, or because they were confused by the letters and information they received in the mail about their claims.

We will go through all of that information, help to explain what is being requested and help you respond correctly. We have the perspective and experience you need.

Whether your concern lies with workers’ compensation and your employer following a work-related accident or the Social Security bureau’s denial of your claim, turn to the firm you can trust.

These matters are the sole focus of our firm, and we fight for people like you on a daily basis. We have seen it all, and whatever your concern, we can help to guide you through it.